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Oberweis Video - Transcript Narrator: Back in 1915, Peter Oberweis's dairy farm was producing more milk that he needed, so he decided to start selling it to neighbors. That bright idea turned into a milk home delivery business that grew steadily over the next 9 decades to become today's well known and loved Oberweis Dairy spanning 6 Midwest states with over 50 retail locations. And yes, the milkman is alive and well today with Oberweis Dairy still delivering milk in their famous glass bottles to homes across the Midwest. Anyone who has tasted Oberweis milk or ice cream quickly knows why it's called super- premium. There's really nothing else quite like it. But, to grow from its humble beginnings to the operation it is today, Oberweis didn't rely on great products alone. Marketing and building customer relationships made all the difference. Joe Oberweis : The Company was founded in the early 1900's by my great-grandfather, who was a dairy farmer in Aurora, IL. He began selling raw milk to his neighbors, extra milk to his neighbors in about 1915 and in 1927, formed a more formal company. Dan Rosier: And that turned into, you know, kind of, the legacy a family farm providing really good milk to local families and it kind of grew from there. Elizabeth Crag: In the 50's we decided to make ice cream because we had so much left over cream. And that's actually when we opened our first store which was on Lake Street in Aurora, IL. Joe Oberweis : The Company really from its founding until about 1990 was a very, very small company. We had One store and a few thousand home delivery customers. We started growing pretty rapidly in the 90's through today. Narrator: A lot of people think marketing is the same as advertising or selling, but, there's a lot more to it. For a company like Oberweis Dairy, marketing involves creating new products, deciding what price to sell them at, promoting them and distributing those products to customers. Elizabeth Crag: Marketing has changed drastically with Oberweis over the last 20 years. Due to the fact of the number of locations that we have as well as the number of customers that we have
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Dan Rosier: In this day and age, with so many other people out there, with ice cream shops and the like, there's a definite push towards the Internet and television and radio and other different types of social media. And we're looking at, you know, we do some television, we do some radio. But, we look carefully at other Medias to make sure it's a good fit for us. Narrator: In the United States, the field of marketing has evolved over the decades into 4 eras. The Production Era took place during the mid 1800's through the early 1920's. Because of the great need for products, the goal was to produce as much product as possible because the market was almost limitless. During the next few decades, or what's referred to as the
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Oberweis Video Transcript - Oberweis Video - Transcript...

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