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��0001 - keg MBioS 465 Midterm 2007 Mitchell...

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Unformatted text preview: /. keg, MBioS 465 Midterm 2007 Mitchell You must show all of your work in a clear manner for credit when working the problems. Problem 1 (20pts) A sodium ion transport goes from a concentration of 140mM outside of the cell to a concentration of lOmM inside the cell. A glutamic acid transport (assume glutamic acid has a net charge of —1) goes from a concentration of 0. lmM outside the cell to a concentration of 20mM inside the cell. The membrane potential inside the cell is —70rnV and the temperature of the system is 3 10K. ‘ Assume the composition of the solution is the same inside and outside the cell. a) Is the sodium transport spontaneous or not spontaneous? b) Is the glutamic acid transport spontaneous or not spontaneous? c) If one transport is spontaneous and the other transport is not spontaneous, how many molecules of the spontaneous transport system would it take to provide enough free energy for the transport of one molecule of the non-spontaneous transport? F araday’s constant: F:96,485 C/rnol We +794 «15/ my ZIf fa: MifiéT/‘Z’VL [lye Ali/VI + 2 {3(42‘1— (gag) @ij 112%: (it; @143?” Ill/me“ LA A0 If} WW @HféWE 7"“.0 3'05): ...
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