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掃瞄0003 - Problem 3(20pts An...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 3 (20pts) An important step in the glycolie path is the phosphorylation of glucose by AT P, catalyzed by the enzyme hexokinase and Mg2+z Glucose + ATP % glucose-6-P + ADP In the absence of ATP, glucose-é-P is unstable at pH 7, and in the presence of the enzyme glucose—6-phosphatase, it hydrolyzes to give glucose: Glucode—6-P + H20 —> glucose + phosphate a) Using table 4.3, calculate AG}: at pH 7 for the hydrolysis of glucode-6-P at 298K. 1)) If the phosphorylation of glucose is allowed to proceed to equilibrium in the presence of equal amounts of ATP and ADP What is the ratio of [glucose-6- P]/ [glucose] at equilibrium? This assumes a large excess of ATP and ADP; that is: [ATP]=[ADP]>>[glucose + glucose-6—P]. c) In the absence of ATP and ADP, calculate the ratio [glucose—6T]! [glucose] at pHx7, if phosphate: 10‘2 M. 9/ . 4) A6 [hf/MW) #flfflzo T“; 610’? 7L Pr. H‘s/,0 j/ucoSt—(r/J +16%?) "*0 7(t4ws: HM‘P 7L”, 7 Wuul j/urasewévP +é/zo -——‘> raj/MMS-e a PL ”#413 b) a! .— rp—a— P M1 .t m .3 J, J<T)=‘ EWW1L_W: :20; r ‘ ertt‘fflé'ntowvf 5 [Gail [EL/P I? ‘1‘“ ((8.7 Iilréymmcjj CGTé‘P’] __ 94" LG“) 6/ f” c 7 , véér} C) Kr )= [claw]: Pé—aeflm [(3:49 P]; [PL] (”Egg [9'1ng RT” [GJ [6 {a P3 ”M'BX/Ofi? 7 ,5 M : 05>":sz (Meshes); 13»: Wm ...
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