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Biol 315 Lecture 23 Review Checklist Be able to sketch a flowchart showing the  pulmonary and systemic circuits   of blood vessels, indicating the heart and major blood vessels in each. Name the four  chambers of heart  and know the direction of blood flow  through each.  Describe the highlights of embryonic heart development. For example: what  embryonic tissue type gives rise to the heart? How is it that the heart  develops at the very cranial (head) end of the trilaminar embryonic disc, yet  it is located in the thorax in you and I? Why do nerves that originate in the  head and neck supply the heart? Name the four  primitive heart chambers   (bulges in the heart tube), from caudal (inferior) to cranial (superior). Which 
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Unformatted text preview: of these chambers give rise to the atria ? Which give rise to the ventricles ? What is a ventricular septal defect ? Why are they troublesome? Where is the heart located in the body – i.e., give an anatomic description of the body region and any nearby organs. Know the four heart surfaces and the chambers of the heart that make up each surface. Name the three heart borders . What chambers are associated with each border? Why are the borders clinically significant? What is the difference between a heart surface and a heart border? Know how the heart projects to the anterior chest wall – i.e., be able to describe the locations of the four corners of the cardiac outline ....
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