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Biol 315 Lecture 25 Review Checklist What is  lymph ? What is the reasoning behind having a  lymphatic system ? Know the four major functions of the lymphatic system. What is  edema ? What is  elephantiasis What structural feature of  lymphatic capillaries  allows them to capture  proteins that have been lost from the blood? Be able to list the vessels of the lymphatic system from smallest to largest. What are  lacteals ? What is  chyle What clever mechanisms are used to propel lymph through lymphatic  vessels?  What’s the fancy medical term for “swollen (lymph) nodes”? What are some  possible causes? What are 
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Unformatted text preview: sentinel nodes ? Where are the sentinel nodes for the breast? Why is this knowledge of importance to a clinician? Know the names of the five major groups of lymph nodes in the body as discussed in lecture. [Editors note: of course there are many more named groups of nodes, but these groups drain the head/neck, upper limb, thoracic organs, abdominal organs, and lower limb] What are some differences between lymph trunks and lymph ducts ? Where does the thoracic duct begin? Where does it drain (terminate)? Where does the right lymph duct terminate?...
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