IT 210 Week 1-DQ 2

IT 210 Week 1-DQ 2 - searching all over the place for the error Second it is easy to read and make modifications(Venit 2004 p.32 Third just think

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Week 1Discussion Question 2 When building a house, a structured, modular approach is better than a haphazard approach. Explain how a structured approach relates to developing programs and why using an organized approach is important. We are in a time of computers and online access to just about everything. Since there is a demand to produce software quickly, there are instances where the software is built haphazardly instead of structured. An approach that is effective for developing programs is the module approach. The module approach starts with the major routine then the subtasks or submodules for the smaller task (Venit, 2004, p.31). The module approach is very effective because the routines are available for use again. First, if there is problem it is easy to detect instead of
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Unformatted text preview: searching all over the place for the error. Second, it is easy to read and make modifications (Venit, 2004, p.32). Third, just think about it this way, if the original programmer quit the job or project the coding style is not unique and does not have to be rewritten. Finally, the modular approach is organized. In conclusion, everything needs structure whether it is building a house, or developing a program. Building anything haphazardly is a complete waste of time in the long run especially when developing programs. Therefore, to build effective programs use a structured, modular approach. Reference Venit, S. (2004). Extended prelude to programming : Concepts and design (2 nd ed.). Boston: Scott/Jones....
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