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Week 3 Discussion Question 1 Review the definition of control structure on p. 45 in Extended Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design (2nd ed.). Then, think about the pseudocode algorithm you would write for a simple task (making a peanut butter sandwich, for example) as well as three simple control structures that could be used to create this algorithm. What do you think is the most difficult part of creating the algorithm? What can you do to make this process easier? When writing a simple task such as “making a peanut butter sandwich”, I believe the most difficult part of creating the algorithm is determining which algorithm to use. There are three control structures they are sequential, loop and decision. The first step to make the process easier to create the algorithm is to determine the problem. The inputs are 2 pieces of bread, knife and peanut butter. The output is the peanut butter sandwich. At this point, I need to decide if the sequential structure of a series of consecutive
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