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Week 3 Discussion Question 2 How do you use the three basic control structures - sequential, repetition, and selection - in your everyday problem solving? Do you think there are any other control structures that would make your problem-solving skills more efficient? If so, describe them. I solve problems or put out fires all day at work. There are some days that these same problems repeat because it is hard to explain to the user. Nonetheless, at work we have a same day payment system. I supervise two employees on that system. One of the basic control structures is sequential to create new users on the system. The person has to input some information while the program in the background generates the user-id and password. The program uses a set of statements followed in a sequential order until the user-id and password is generated. Once that is complete the program returns back to the user. The storing of the user-id’s is done by a loop repetition structure. The testing checks if
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