Lecture 5 October 7

Lecture 5 October 7 - behavior Stil show lordosis behavior...

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Lecture 5 October 7 Estrogen is bringing her into lordosis behavior, however the male has to be there to stimulate. A would be estrogen and B would be lordosis In order to decrease estrogen level remove the ovaries and to increase estrogen inject with estrogen. Estrodiol and progesterone is given to the female What can we conclude? Ovaries are required to supply estrogen to create lordosis Organs have communication in order for the two organs to create efficient reproduction Sex difference in capacity of wanting Placebo is a control injection medium The testosterone defeminize the female permanently In the males that are sham they open up and look at them they do not remove them Males deprived of testosterone from the testese develop female patterns of behavior Won’t show masculine behavior they act more female Andro-male several specific hormones that are androgens Androgens are hormones that cause male behavior When females are not exposed to ovarian secretions have normal female
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Unformatted text preview: behavior Stil show lordosis behavior Castrate male at birth and do show lordosis, however males who grow up with their testes don’t show lordosis because estradiol defeminized In conclusion estradiol, like testosterone, mascilinzes and defeminizes behavior. If estradiol masculinizes males, can it also masculinize females neonatally.? So estradiol is a potent masculinizing hormone around the time of birth. She never ovulates. Before estradiol is made it is a product of testosterone. Estrodial acts on estrogin receptors Testes cause male behavior and are carried to the brain and mascunize the brian but this does not come from the ovaries. AFP(in rats) prevents estrogen from getting into the brain. So the female has the maternal estrogen and thus the mail doesn’t mascunize because of AFP In males if you inject enough estradiol it overwhelms the system and it bypasses the AFP...
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Lecture 5 October 7 - behavior Stil show lordosis behavior...

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