Lecture 4 October 5

Lecture 4 October 5 - .Wolf-male priniciple that emurge...

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Lecture 4 October 5 Fundamental things tht differentiate males and females Sry is a gene that is turned on during the development of the gonad. It has not yet turned into testes or ovaries. Sry is the signal that initiates testes or ovaries in a tissue. Sry can cause to deelop testes all by itself and if you take it away then that xy male developms testes. Female has follicle that nurture the cells and one is selected to grow and grow and secure hormones. Seminiferous tubule are where the sperm is made, long spagettie like tubes and sperem travel through the penis. Sometimes you see them in cross over are made by diffrentiate by several steps of changing of the cells into sperm The gonads once formed secrete homromens that differentiate the body. Undiffernetiaated phallus you cannot tell the difference Internal are ducts systems -mullerian ducts become oviduct uterus upper vagina -wolfian ducts become deferent semial duct and associated glands….
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Unformatted text preview: .Wolf-male priniciple that emurge from we can begin to think what these molecules iunfluence through out the body what are the hormones that determing sexual phenotype. Freemartin intersex Female had been influence by factors that have been coming from the male Happens when the placenta is between the twins. Female has been masculine by the male Male hormones masculine the external and the internal genitals This happens during the embryonic stage Testes are required for male differentaion of the internal and external organs. Testes masculine female organs. Testosterone does not mimic teste. Testosterone can account for some effectes of testes but not all of them Second hormone MIH mullerian inhibiting hormone testes make this hormone and testrotrone. Study of homrones is endocrinology Y chromosome has sry which consits of testes. They are not visible physically bur she has them in her abomen....
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Lecture 4 October 5 - .Wolf-male priniciple that emurge...

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