Intersexualities part 1

Intersexualities part 1 - secretions ← sex determining...

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Intersexualities part 1 12/10/2010 15:02:00 Leydig cells look like triangles Also secrete AMH 46 xx female 46 xy male  mosaics mixture of xx and xy cells male or female p arm short arm q arm long arm most cells are diplid one from our parents haploid cells are half cells such as sperm and egg cells. euploid means it is in normal state aneuploid which means that you have a chromosome number that is not an exact  multiple of the haploid number. Ex down syndrome  it is the presence of the y chromosome that is sex determining y chromosome is genetically dominant sexual differentiation of somatic tissue is entirely controlled by testicular 
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Unformatted text preview: secretions. ← sex determining into testis or ovaries. the bipotential gonad. SRY triggers other genes in the testis. ← in males testosterone, amh, insulin like peptide. Testosterones in charge of the wolf ducts male brain and dihytosterone.==>Makes the external genitals. AMH causes mull to regress. ← NO testosterone cause wolf to regress and female external genital succeed. ← NO AMH cause mull to succeed and female internal genitalia grow. ← gonadal dysgenesis are abnormal people ← sry is sufficient for determining the sex of an individual 12/10/2010 15:02:00 ← 12/10/2010 15:02:00 ←...
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Intersexualities part 1 - secretions ← sex determining...

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