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Week 5 Discussion Question 1 Identify at least two data structures that are used to organize a typical file cabinet. Why do you feel it is necessary to emulate these types of data structures in a computer program? For what kind of work project would you want to use this type of program? To organize a typical file cabinet, a couple of common data structures might include sorting the files in alphabetical order, and also sorting the files by date they were added to the cabinet. Emulating these types of example control structures in a program can greatly decreases the time it takes to locate a specific data that you are looking for. If a data record includes someone’s name that you need to locate, then it is a lot easier to scroll through records in
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Unformatted text preview: alphabetical order to locate that name than it would be if the records were just in random order. Same could be said for date added. Maybe you would be interested in know what records were added on a certain day or what was the last record added to the database. Organizational structures are really helpful in well keeping things organized. There are many types of work projects that need data structures to organize the data. One could be an employee database. Each record of the employee on the job is going to require data inserts such as name, address, pay rate, etc. In order to properly keep track of all the records as well as being able to retrieve certain records easily, organizing the file in several different ways is a must....
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