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Week 5 Discussion Question 2 Describe a programming project or situation in the workplace that would lend itself to array usage. At the job, someone created a Microsoft Access table to track special requests. The suggestion has been made to move the Microsoft Access table to an Oracle table. Oracle is a company that has databases used for storing large amounts of data for, companies similar to Verizon Wireless and there are other products. Nonetheless, although this Microsoft Access table is sufficient, the company is interested in all of Oracle’s products. Here’s the problem, the Microsoft Access table is on a very old Windows machine. Oracle is on new machine. In addition to the Microsoft Access table, there are programs that move data into the table and create new data files on a different computer. The problem with the data file move is it creates too many files and additional unwanted data.
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Unformatted text preview: The Microsoft Access table and programs are so old everyone has decided not to fix the problems. On solution to decrease the amount of data files, is use a parallel array to read the records into the array for each field (Venit, 2004, p. 179). Close the original file then, delete the unwanted records in the array (Venit, 2004, p.179). Finally, delete the contents of the original file, by opening the file for output and then write the contents of the array (the modified data) to the given file (Venit, 2004, p.180). Further, at the end of the program delete the extra copies of the files from the other directories and lastly move the Microsoft Access table to the Oracle table. Reference Venit, S. (2004). Extended prelude to programming: Concepts and design (2 nd ed.). Boston: Scott/Jones....
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