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Discussion Questions - purchased never came in the mail it...

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1. Discussion Questions How is e-commerce different from traditional retailing? What are some distinguishing features of digital markets and digital goods? What is your experience in purchasing online? Do you prefer to shop online or via a traditional outlet? Why? E-commerce is different from traditional retailing because it allows you to shop from your house using your computer and avoiding traffic and long payment lines. Some of the distinguishing features between digital markets and digital goods are that you can download the item into your computer without the use of the physical item such as a movie or a music clip. My experience in purchasing online has been somewhat pleasant and at times unpleasant because some of the items I have
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Unformatted text preview: purchased never came in the mail, it becomes difficult to return the item and get an exchange or a refund. On the other hand I have made good purchases on items that I received fairly quickly at a discount from a long distance warehouse. I have no preference between online shopping and a traditional outlet, it would depend on the item that I am going to purchase so making a decision on whether to buy online or at a physical store depends on the item and how fast I needed. • • How is the Internet changing the economics of information and business models? Name and describe one business model for e-commerce. What is the difference between pure-play Internet and clicks-and-mortar business models?...
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