Assignment - 1. Assignment: Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes...

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1. Assignment: Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes Dirt Bikes’ management is concerned about how much money is being spent on communicating with people inside and outside the organization and obtaining information about developments in the motorcycle industry and the global economy. You have been asked to investigate how Internet tools and technology could be used to help Dirt Bikes’ employees communicate and obtain information more efficiently. Dirt Bikes provides Internet access to all employees who use desktop computers. Resources: Ch. 6 of Essentials of Management Information Systems . Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper, providing recommendations of various Internet tools that would help Dirt Bikes’ employees. Address the following topics: Include recommendations of how Dirt Bikes could benefit from intranets for sales and marketing, human resources, and manufacturing and production. An intranet is an internal organizational network that provides access to data across the enterprise; it uses the existing company network infrastructure along with the internet connectivity standards and software developed for the World Wide Web, connecting several networks to a central database system. Communication is the most important service that a company can have, this helps departments stay in communication with one another and it keeps the customer informed, may it be thorough the internet, telephone service or through customer service, small companies can manage fine with small local
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Assignment - 1. Assignment: Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes...

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