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I personally believe that the crew on this flight acted appropriately and morally. I believe this because if the crew had told the passengers on this flight would have gone in to panic mode, which would make for a scary and dangerous flight. People tend to act hostile and panic when they feel their life or their families’ life may be in danger. There are reason’s why there are co-pilots. If an emergency were to arise and the pilot can not fly the aircraft because he has had a stroke, heart attack, or just can not stay awake for some reason, or as in this particular situation dies; the co-pilot can take over for the pilot
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Unformatted text preview: and make sure the plane is landed safely. In my opinion or judgement, if the crew were to tell the passengers that this type of emergency has arose, there would be complete chaos and panic making for an unsafe flight. I personally would not want to be told until after we had landed safely, because I am sure I would become panicked with in myself and if my children were on the flight as well, I do not know if I would be able to stay in control....
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