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After reading the textbook The Art of Thinking Broaden Your Perspective on page 52 it states the “All the philosophers and sages tell us that individuals are rare.” I personally do not believe that, everyone is an individual; no two people are the same. We as people may want to be like some one else, act, look, talk, etc; but we are all individuals. The textbook states that in order to become an individual one needs to look at themselves honestly and objectively. Some steps to help achieve your own individuality are “Acknowledge the influences that have shaped your thinking. Say to yourself, “My mind is full of other people’s ideas and attitudes, which I received uncritically and
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Unformatted text preview: accepted because I was young and trusting.” Next “sort out and evaluate your ideas and attitudes, even your most cherished ones.” Lastly, “Decide as objectively as you can which ideas deserve your endorsement and which attitudes are worth striving to acquire.” Some habits that may hinder one becoming their own individual are “the mine-is-better habit, face saving, resistance to change, conformity, stereotyping, and self-deception.” One can overcome these habits by standing strong, take a stand, do not conform to what someone else wants you to be. Be yourself at all times....
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