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Wk3DQ1 - classroom and I have to disagree with them If it...

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After participating in the discussions in the Toolwire Learnscape Link, I answered the discussion questions based on the information that was given to me in the link. After participating in the discussion questions and doing the assignment I did more research about the advantages and disadvantages of online college and traditional college. There are many of both, it just all depends on the individual student’s needs and capabilities. Many people are biased and think an online education is not effective as a traditional
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Unformatted text preview: classroom and I have to disagree with them. If it were not for online college I would not be able to attend school at this time. I have the flexibility to move my class schedule around; as long as I am participating in discussions at least four days a week my schedule is fine. The lack of face to face with students is also fine; I work better when I am not being distracted by other students. The only issue I have with being an online student is not being able to speak with my instructor face to face when I need too....
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