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After reading Chapter four of the Art of Thinking-Being a Critical Reader, Thinker, And Viewer I found that “Critical evaluation is active, thoughtful examination, as opposed to passive acceptance, of what you read, hear, and see. The standard of judgment in such evaluation is not how closely the author’s view matches your own, but whether it is accurate and reasonable. Consequently, those who evaluate messages critically are less vulnerable to deception and manipulation than other people.” In the text it mentioned a five step strategy for critical reading, which is skim, reflect, read, evaluate, and express your judgments. Step one is skim the work, to skim is to glance at selected
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Unformatted text preview: parts of a book or article in order to gain an overview of it. Step two is Reflect on Your Views, Ask yourself: What ideas do I have about this subject that could create a bias for or against the author’s view and prevent me from giving it a fair hearing? Step three Read the Work. Step four Evaluate What You Read, and Step five Express Your Judgment. You should listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas on things regardless of what they look like, how they dress, or whether or not you may think this person is smart or not smart. Everyone has a good idea or thought sometime. Always keep an open mind....
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