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Wk3DQ5 - When we do not receive the attention or love from...

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We can hardly ignore the fact that television does feature a lot of aggressive and violent behaviour. However, I do not believe that violence on television can lead aggressive behaviour. It is already imprinted in our children whether or not they will be aggressive, assertive, passive, or whatever else. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are raised in a lovely safe environment. If parents ignore their children and have television, video games or what not then children tend to act out; but it is not because of what they see on television, movies, or the video games they play or even the music they listen too. All anyone ever wants it to be loved and paid attention too.
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Unformatted text preview: When we do not receive the attention or love from our parents then we act out trying to get the attention we so deserve and desire, whether it is good or bad attention; just as long as we get it. Basically as parents we need to give our children the attention and love they deserve. They did not ask to come in to this world and it our responsibility to make sure they are raised in a loving atmosphere. Having children was my choice, I will give up things and go without to provide for them no matter how old they get. Pity some parents choose to give up on their children and never go without....
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