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WK4DQ1 - and the terrorists of 9/11 would probably have...

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After reviewing this week’s Electronic Reserve Reading, The three techniques that the American Colonists may have applied when thinking about their situation prior to the Boston Tea Party are observant, search for causes, and recognize the opportunity in controversy. During dangerous times in our History, I do believe for the most part the people did use critical thinking. I believe this to be so because if critical thinking was not used most everyone would have been killed
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Unformatted text preview: and the terrorists of 9/11 would probably have taken over America completely. I also believe that people’s emotions and fear interfere with their critical thinking. People tend to panic when their life is in danger and sometimes do not act or react to the situation with a clear mind. If someone is in a dangerous situation, it is best to stay calm and try to keep their wits about them to not make matters worse....
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