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When I was a child I was very curious about everything that had to do with the Arts so to speak; Theater, music, painting, drawing, dancing, you name it I wanted to know everything and do everything I could in the Arts, I still do to this day but not so much with being in theater. Because I had such a curiosity about it, I never really lost my curiosity about any of it. I currently paint, do stained glass, wood burning, draw, and from time to time I write music lyrics and try to
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Unformatted text preview: put them to music on my piano, it never really turns out exactly how I would like, since I have a not so beautiful voice. So there really is not any technique I need to improve my curiosity because I do what I was curious about as a child, teen, and adult. I do try to share my abilities in art with my children and I think I have the next Da Vinci or Picasso, he has been painting since before he was two and is very talented....
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