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A problem is a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved. An issue is an important question that is in dispute and must be settled. Both a problem and an issue are very similar. The most renowned difference between an issue and a problem would be the solution. When a person is having an issue with something, they usually can quickly come up with a solution. More often than not, you will know how you would solve an issue before it presents itself. A problem, on the other hand, is not something that you can solve without planning, and
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Unformatted text preview: even a large amount of guesswork. An issue is smaller than a problem and usually is not life altering, also it does not present such a degree of difficulty that you have to look for the advice or guidance of others in order to figure out and solve the issue. A problem is larger to a degree, often large enough to alter your life either temporarily or permanently. A problem can easily require the advice and guidance in order to solve it. Both an issue and a problem have the potential to cause harm....
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