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Identify three sources of information when investigating a problem or issue. Compare steps you would take to refine the solutions to a problem with steps to refine resolutions of an issue. There are many sources of information a person could use when investigating a problem or an issue. The three sources that I would most likely use when investigating a problem or an issue would be first the internet. The internet provides a multitude amount of information and resources that can be used when trying to investigate just about anything. I would then go to my local library and use what resources they have such as micro fish and any other resources I can use. Another source I would use to gather information would be various
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Unformatted text preview: people. I would ask different people several questions about what it is I am investigating and then gather up all my responses and then work on solving the problem or issue at hand. When a person wants to refine the solution for a problem, they would need to break down the information they have gathered into various parts, and then work on these parts separately, then that would help to come up with an easier solution to solve the problem. As for refining resolutions of an issue is much more difficult. It is more difficult to solve an issue because there will always be someone who does not agree with how to solve the issue in which can cause even more issues....
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