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The media for decades have set a standard so high about how a woman is to like as well as how men are suppose to look like. I find it to be quite difficult for young girls especially to meet these standards; although they are very unrealistic. I believe the media aids in low self esteem in many people. Having low self esteem can cause both physical and mental issues in both men and women. Low self esteem can do this by causing eating disorders, mild to severe depression, and worse case scenario, suicide. It is important to remember that most people are concerned about what others think about them rather than worrying about
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Unformatted text preview: you. They are more focused on what others are thinking about them. So one should not worry about what other people think about themselves. If you look and feel good about who you are and what you are doing, then it really does not make any difference of what others think or say. When trying to help someone with low self esteem, I would constantly remind them of how beautiful they look, I would constantly praise them for all that they do to help build up their confidence and their self esteem. For some it is helpful to just hear that what they did was a good job, or that they look nice that day. Praise is always helpful....
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