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Wk7DQ2 - fact and now I understand I will do a better job...

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"Constructive" criticism when presented in a positive way can help a person in several ways. Criticism is a continual thing in your career and at school. If you are able to accept criticism in a positive manner, you will not be living with a constant fear that you are doing something incorrect or not good enough. Criticism can help with whether you are successful or not. Oftentimes at work, criticism can be given with a sarcastic attitude. If you can learn to look past the attitude and just hear what message is trying to be said, instead of feeling like you did something incorrect, you could think of it as, oh, I was unaware to that
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Unformatted text preview: fact and now I understand; I will do a better job next time. Criticisms that come from some one on a personal basis, they are just other peoples own opinions based on what they have seen through their observation. Knowing yourself and remembering yourself and who you are in these situations will help you so much throughout life. This way, anything anyone says, is just that something that someone else has said through their own observation, which has nothing to do with who you know you are. Also criticism can help one improve in their work at school, work, even at home....
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