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I think that people receive criticism differently than others. Criticism can be perceived in a positive aspect by one individual, but another individual can perceive the same criticism in a more negative light. It is all how a person takes the criticism that can make all the difference in the world. If one takes this criticism negatively, they may become angered, or shut down completely and not bother doing what it is they were doing in the first place. However if one takes the criticism in a positive way and acknowledge what the person is trying to say and that they are only trying to help them improve themselves and what they are doing can only do well. I do not know how to help someone learn to take criticism
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Unformatted text preview: in a positive way, but I would try to explain to them, that the only reason I am giving them this feedback or “constructive” criticism is to help them improve what they are doing. There are some people who deliberately give negative criticism, but one should always remember that it is only that person’s opinion and not to take everything to heart or to literal. I personally like to get feedback and “constructive” criticism because it helps me to improve my work or improve whatever it is that I am doing. Criticism is not necessarily meant to be rude, but it at times is; but with out it, progressing and excelling can be very difficult for some....
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