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Wk8DQ1 - nuclear war Without this ability it is difficult...

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If I were to oppose President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, I would address his actions which spoke of permitting Cubans to overthrow Fidel Castro in hopes of making Cuba a civil place for the residents to live. I would also find fault in how he spoke of pressing the Soviet Union to decrease their military strength in West Berlin. These two countries were friendly for a period of time, making them a serious threat to the United States of America and its well being and our citizens. Together they created a serious threat during the Cold War, making it difficult for the America people to live happily and without fear of a
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Unformatted text preview: nuclear war. Without this ability, it is difficult for the citizen’s to trust their elected leader without criticism based on fear. It is also difficult for citizens to trust their government and the ability of the government to protect them. It seems as though John F. Kennedy was more concerned with forcing power on other nations, going to war, and freeing individuals who are dealing with severe poverty instead of dealing with issues inside the American borders; just as various other presidents had done....
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