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E10, Fall 2010 IEOR Module Probability Homework Due date: October 1, 2010 Direction: Please answer each of the following four questions which are worth 25 points each. Question 1. Consider a fair pair of dice. A. If you toss the pair of dice, what is the chance that you get an eight? B. If you toss the pair of dice, what is the chance that they show di f erent values? Question 2. There are two bears - white and dark. Assuming a bear is equality likey to be a male or female in general, answer the following questions: A. What is the probability that both bears are male? B. Now assume I told you that one of the bears is male. What is the probability that both are males? C. Now, I am telling you that the lighter bear is known to be male.
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Unformatted text preview: What now is the probability that both of them are males? Question 3. The inhabitants of an island tell truth one third of the time. They lie with the probability of 2/3. On an occasion, after one of them made a statement, another fellow stepped forward and declared the statement true. What is the probability that it was indeed true? Question 4. International Drug Corp has developed two new drugs for Avian Flu, and is in the process of testing them. Drug B has a higher success rate (percentage of cures) than drug A when given to women, and also when given to men. Is drug B the drug with the higher success rate when given to people in general? 1...
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