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Wk9DQ3 - paragraph Start with a topic sentence The topic...

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When writing a paragraph a person will need to organize his or her ideas and position them appropriately in the paragraph.   Consider splitting up these ideas into your paragraphs which are not too short or too long. If the paragraph is more than a page it will need to be revised and try to make it into two separate paragraphs. A paragraph is a group of combined sentences that has one idea. If you have more than one topic to include under the same general idea, you should give each main point its own
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Unformatted text preview: paragraph. Start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should be clear, brief and have good detail also your paragraph should be well organized. Make sure your topic sentence summarizes the paragraph. Do all of the sentences relate to the topic, and does each sentence have sentence variety and rhythm. There is no set rule on how long a paragraph should be. However, if it is to short or to long you may lose your reader....
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