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Sentence Variety means using a variety of sentence patterns, lengths, and rhythms. It gives writing a better rhythm and flow. Someone can use sentence variety by beginning their sentence with an adverb or prepositional phrase. To create sentence variety, write sentences of different types and lengths. Because many writers tend to write short sentences that start with the subject, this chapter will focus on techniques for starting with something other than the subject and for writing a variety of longer sentences. Remember that the goal is to use variety to
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Unformatted text preview: achieve a good rhythm. Do not simply change all your sentences from one pattern to another, or you still won’t have variety.” It is important to have sentence variety in your writing because it shows your reader that you are an educated and competent writer. Developing the same structure of writing can become boring and the reader will not want to read any more, by adding sentence variety the reader will stay interested and want to read on further. Sentence variety gives your writing good rhythm and flow....
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