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Wk8DQ1 - A book has several hundred pages and on the back...

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After reviewing the summary at the bottom of page 37, I believe the Author’s goal in writing the paragraph was to summarize how daily hassles often cause more stress than major problems do. I believe the Author’s summary was written quite well. After reading the summary it gave me a brief description of what the article or essay was basically about; which made me want to read the actual article. “A summary is a condensed version of a piece of writing. It presents the main points and key support in a brief form and in your own words.” And after reviewing both the article and the summary it looks to me that the Author did present the main points of the article and condense them down in a shorter form. For example, it is as if you are reading the back of a book.
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Unformatted text preview: A book has several hundred pages and on the back of the book it has a small paragraph or summary telling you what the book is about. “This is a story of a boy who loses his sight and then mysteriously regains it. It is the story of a courageous band of seekers and a relentless killer. It is the story of all that is right with the world and all that is terribly wrong. It is the story of a revelation so terrifying and so sublime, it can only be glimpsed”. “From the Corner of His Eye” “Dean Koontz” A short summary of a book with over 700 pages. Again I believe the Author of the summary on page 37 did a fine job. He in just a few sentences explained what the article was about without giving away all the detail so the reader will be enticed to read it....
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