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Based on the readings in Chapter 3 a good paragraph has three necessary parts the topic sentence, the body, and the concluding sentence. Each part serves a specific purpose. The topic sentence states the main point. The topic sentence is often either the first or last sentence of a paragraph. The body supports (shows, explains, or proves) the main point. It usually contains three to six support sentences, which present facts and details that develop the main point. The concluding sentence reminds readers of the main point and often makes an observation. Generate Ideas and Consider: What is my purpose in writing? Given this purpose, what interests me? Who will read this? What do they need to know? Find and explore your topic, make your point, support your point.
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Unformatted text preview: Make a Plan and Consider: How can I organize my ideas effectively for my readers? Arrange your ideas, and make an outline. Make a Draft and Consider: How can I show my readers what I mean? Write a draft, including an introduction that will interest your readers, a strong conclusion, and a title . Revise your draft then Consider: How can I make my draft clearer or more convincing to my readers? Look for ideas that don’t fit. Look for ideas that could use more detailed support. Connect ideas with transitional words and sentences. Edit then Consider: What errors could confuse my readers and weaken my point? Find and correct errors in grammar. Look for errors in word use, spelling, punctuation and capitalization....
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