Wk6DQ2 - critically and apply information and to develop ideas in paragraphs and essays with clear theses Reading and writing skills are closely

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Susan Anker, after reviewing the course’s textbook, I found that it was very well written. You made some good points through out the entire textbook. Good readers can find solid, practical information about anything they are interested in. Most of us do not need to become fans of good literature, but we do need to know how to read carefully, in college, at work, and in our everyday lives. Our grade depends on how well we understand and interpret the literature we are reading. You explained very well how to use a variety of writing strategies, recognize and correct grammar errors, read and think
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Unformatted text preview: critically and apply information, and to develop ideas in paragraphs and essays with clear theses. Reading and writing skills are closely connected. If you can read critically, you are in a good position to do college writing assignments, as well in the work force. I believe that you as an author did a good job of pulling together some viable information for the students. As well as making the content easy to read and understand....
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