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Name: Shiqi Li (Shira) ID: 21719942 Spirn--City and Nature This article talks about the interaction between urban areas and local nature during the development of the cities. People are a part of nature, so I think we should live in something natural or, at least, built according to nature. But what we see now are the cities with large population, dense transportation, pollution, less and less plantation and a different ecosystem changed by consequences of human activities. This unhealthy urbanism is corroding our lives and nature in a crazy way, as a result, the problems we are facing in the future are severe. Nature is the most important and principle factor in a design. A natural design will make people feel comfortable and cosy; an unnatural one will generate uneasiness and damage. So the friendly cities are built according to the nature landscape, resource patterns, people’s need and originality. I think our campus does a good job in this. Some of the buildings, like
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Unformatted text preview: Wheeler, Greek Theater, Doe Library, are formed with natural stones and blend in the nature; we have some fantastic forest-like gardens with squirrels, birds and bugs in them, and those plants cool the air, then produce freshness; the fountains and sculptures relax our minds; there are buildings located on the hillside, even in the hills; all the buildings are not too tall, so you can easily enjoy the landscape and feel spacious; my favorite is the big lawn in front of the library where people can interact with nature directly. Nature-friendliness can also be found in details in the campus: recycling dustbins, food containers in the trees and diversity of the plants. All these designs are in accordance with nature and improve our understanding and interaction with nature. We do not want city and nature, but city by nature. Failure in building such a city will result in unbalance and even disaster like some infamous cities nowadays....
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