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M ID T ERM E XAMINATION GECL21A: M ODERN T HOUGHT F ALL Q UARTER , 2006 This message (also posted on the course website) contains two questions, from which you must choose one to answer for your MidTerm examination. Your answer is due by 2 PM on Monday, October 30, in two forms; an email copy of your answer must be sent to your TA by 2 PM on Monday, October 30; on the same day you must also bring a paper copy of your answer to the lecture and give it to your TA before the lecture, which means that you should arrive a little early; students with little travel time between classes should discuss this issue with TAs in advance. If either the paper copy or the email is late or if both are late – i.e., if either fails or if both fail to reach your TA by 2:00 PM on the appointed day – your grade on the MidTerm will be reduced by one-third of a letter grade. There will be an additional one-third penalty for every additional 24 hours of lateness. If a paper were e-mailed on the following Wednesday at 2:30 PM, for example, one-third would be deducted for the first 24 hours late, another one-third deducted for the second 24 hours, and then a third one-third deducted because 2:30 is half-an-hour into a third 24 hours – thus turning a B paper into a C paper. If there were also no paper copy by that time, additional penalties would accumulate. Conclusion: lateness has a very high price. There are two reasons for this policy: fairness to all students; fairness to your TAs. The word limit for the paper is 1500 words, but this limit should be understood as a maximum, not a minimum . You may be able to write a better answer in fewer words; there is no reward for greater length, and there is no penalty for brevity. Also, you must
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This note was uploaded on 01/24/2011 for the course GE CLST 21a taught by Professor Briancopenhaver during the Spring '10 term at UCLA.

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