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Wk3DQ2 - topic to be approached and how to organize the...

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The prewriting phase is essential in helping to generate and organize thoughts prior to writing. There are two steps in the prewriting phase: First select a topic and brainstorm by jotting down all ideas on the topic as they come to mind. Secondly organize the ideas by putting them into categories of main ideas and corresponding details. In the prewriting phase of an essay one contemplates over the questions like what he or she has to write about, what are his or her feelings about the topic to be written, how is the
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Unformatted text preview: topic to be approached, and how to organize the materials and the audience who will be reading the paper. Prewriting is a crucial part of writing an essay because it helps to organize your thoughts and ideas making the essay flow with ease, and to not have a choppy essay or paragraph. When we can see all our thoughts and ideas on paper, it often helps to see how they might be put together or identify the connections between ideas....
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