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Wk4DQ2 - an apartment is the better option than buying a...

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After reviewing Chapter 21 I found that the steps to writing a good essay are 1. Make a schedule. 2. Choose a topic. 3. Find sources. 4. Evaluate sources. 5. Avoid plagiarism by taking careful notes. 6. Write a thesis statement. 7. Make an outline. 8. Write your essay. 9. Cite and document your sources. 10. Revise and edit your essay. I will be using many different types of sources to support my topic sentences. I will be using discussion forums, to get different opinions on the subject of “renting
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Unformatted text preview: an apartment is the better option than buying a home.” I will also be using real estate sites, sites on investing options, and financial advisory sites. I am looking at all these different sites to get a clear picture of why I believe it is the better option to purchase a home rather than rent a home. I will also be talking to both home owners and renters about what they believe the advantages and disadvantages of both renting and owning a home....
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