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The difference between fact and opinion is that a fact is something that is based on factual information, observation, or direct sense experience and can be supported by evidence while an opinion is a belief that may or may not be backed up with some type of evidence. An opinion is normally a subjective statement that can be the result of an emotion or an individual interpretation of a fact. The opinion of someone that is an expert in a certain field in comparison to the opinion who is not an expert in that same field depends on if the non expert has done research and studied or experienced whatever it is they are having opinions about, It would definitely be a great debatable discussion. Here is an article that is both based on opinion and fact. However it is mostly fact. I am only putting the first paragraph and I will post the web sit e to read more. “The Led Zeppelin saga is one that is riddled with myth and legend, as well as its fair share of rumors and fabrication. Led Zeppelin formed when the Beatles and The
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