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Wk5DQ1 - improve your paper Feedback is to help us and give...

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When receiving feedback, it is extremely important to be objective. Feedback is generally termed as either positive or negative. It is how we handle the feedback that is important. The processes of providing and seeking feedback are most important in making us see ourselves and our writing as others see us and our writing. For instance, if someone told you that your writing or essay was not good, ask what it was that you wrote that needs to be fixed and what he or she thinks you could do differently to help
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Unformatted text preview: improve your paper. Feedback is to help us and give insight into the quality of our work that may need further development. Giving and receiving feedback requires courage, tact, honesty, understanding and respect from both parties. I will use any feedback I receive on my rough draft, to help in making my essay to be more effective. I will take the feedback and make any necessary changes to help make my final essay a success....
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