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The four basics of a good persuasive essay are 1. It takes a strong and definite position on an issue or advises a particular action. 2. It gives good reasons and supporting evidence to defend the position or recommended action. 3. It considers opposing views. 4. It has enthusiasm and energy from start to finish. An argument or writing a persuasive essay is writing that takes a position on an issue and offers reasons and supporting evidence to convince someone else to accept, or at least consider, that
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Unformatted text preview: position. Argument is also used to persuade someone to take an action (or not to take an action). Overly biased writing can negatively affect a persuasive essay by turning people off to what you have written. If you do not include the both sides of the argument the reader may feel that they are being pushed into an opinion, rather than having the option to make their own opinion and not being able to judge both opinions that are presented because there is basically only one side to look at....
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