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Paragraph One week 1 assignment

Paragraph One week 1 assignment - writers and they are a...

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Paragraph One Three challenges that may arise when I am writing a paper would be staying on the main topic, sentence structure, and punctuation. One major mistake I tend to make is writing very short paragraphs or paragraphs that contain unrelated points. When writing a paper I find that I have many thoughts and ideas, and when I write them down these thoughts and ideas do not necessarily pertain to the main topic and make my paper sound confusing. The second challenge that commonly occurs is sentence structure. Often when I am writing a paper I find many run-on sentences, sentence fragments, comma splices, and missing words. These mistakes are common with many
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Unformatted text preview: writers and they are a simple fix, if the writer knows what he or she is looking for. These errors can interfere with the readers understanding as well as make the paper sound choppy. The third challenge or common mistake that may occur would be punctuation. I find that I use semi- colons where they should not be as well as commas. I either use to many commas in the wrong places or I do not use enough of them. A comma is used to separate elements and a semi-colon is used for a distinct pause, or breaks in lists. Recognizing these three challenges will help in becoming a better writer....
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