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Some of the things that may cause me to have challenges when I write a paper would be grammar. Grammar is not my best thing especially since I really have not used it in the correct term for quite some time. Some other thing would be sentence structure. I have a habit of also doing a lot of run on sentences. I also have a hard time with English period, as it was not a great subject for me in high school 19 years ago, and there has been a great lap of having to use these skills in day-to-day life. Another issue is when and where to use commas when I am writing. Fragment sentences are my fall down also, so basically I need to get English for dummies and I can improve my self and I can possibly do better but between my schoolwork and kids time is limited but then that would be where my organization skill will have to play a role as school is just a
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Unformatted text preview: limited time of my life and will pay off in the end. Some of my strategies to over come my challenges in writing are to take extra classes on writing and basic grammar. I also feel that if I practice more with my writing it might not be so difficult for me. I also have my children that sad to say are in third and fourth grade that know some of this knowledge so if I need help they can help me some and all else my 14 year old . I am also really considering getting English for dummies book so I have that at hand when I have to refer to something. As far as my run on sentences, I think that if I say what I want and do not keep adding to it that might fix my problem. The English book I think will solve most of my problems with commas and grammar....
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