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Appendix D week 5 - quotation marks it will avoid any...

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The ways this student could have avoided the plagiarism concerns from his Instructor is when he was doing his research on “The Dark Knight,” he should have taken notes instead of taking directly from someone else’s work. Because he felt it necessary to use other writer’s words he should have put them in quotation marks. If you need to use what someone else has written or said in your writing, write their exact words and put them in quotation marks. If you are leaving out certain parts of the sentence, you need to put ' ' in between words to indicate this. If you are adding a word or words so that the sentence makes reading sense, put those words in square brackets '[like this]'. By using
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Unformatted text preview: quotation marks it will avoid any concern of plagiarism. Also, to avoid plagiarism you can either write 'According to' or this person states that' or you can provide links to websites that you have searched or you can list the sources after your article or do all of the above. The plagiarism checker could have helped this student by showing him that there is too much of someone else’s writing in his essay and that he needed to fix it. He therefore could have received a better grade and not look like he does not know how to do his own work and is relying on someone else’s thoughts and ideas to do his work....
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