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The best category that describes me in Dr. Holland’s categories is the enterprising category. This is because I hold many of the characteristics that are located in this category. For example, I am very adventurous and I love taking risks. Along with this, I am a very organized person and I take control in most every situation which makes me somewhat of a leader. All of these characteristics put me in the ‘enterprising’ category. There are many different career possibilities that fit a person with these attributes, but I found that the best fitting career in the category for me is a health administrator. This one makes the
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Unformatted text preview: most sense because a health administrator does all of the planning, organizing, and coordinating of the effectiveness of health care. Health administrators work in many places like hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor and dentist offices. This is another reason why this is the best fitting for me; I love to help people and I am well-rounded in verbal skills. All of these characteristics make me fall perfectly under Dr. Holland’s ‘enterprising’ category....
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