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wk2dq5 - about and we maintain a stable mother-daughter...

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Obviously going back to school at this age and with four kids will have a lot of difficulties, but I found a few simple steps to help get past those barriers. The most difficult thing about going back to school is trying to find time to spend time with my children. I have found that taking my kids with me when I go places keeps us close. It helps us spend more time together, whether it is just taking them to the store, running to the bank, or picking them up from school rather than having them ride the bus, it really helps. I find this helps us get closer because we talk more. Another thing that I do is ask my daughter about her school and she asks me about mine. This helps us find a common ground to communicate
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Unformatted text preview: about, and we maintain a stable mother-daughter relationship. This is especially a good thing considering she graduates from high school in June so I want to stay as close to her as possible. The last strategy I use to get past this barrier is helping my son with his homeschooling as much as possible. I will sit down with him at the computer and talk about why it is important to stay on track with school and what will happen if he does not. The most important thing in my life is my children; this is why everything that I do is for them such as going back to school while staying the mother that I am....
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