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My best friend, Heather, has overcome various obstacles and achieved many goals she has set. Her story of triumph and jubilance has definitely influenced my academic goal of obtaining a degree. This is Heather’s story: When Heather was just three years old, her parents divorced, her mom remarried, and they moved from Florida to California. After this, her mom and step father began heavily drinking and being a part of the party scene. One thing led to another and they became one of the biggest methamphetamine dealers in the area that they lived in. Consequently, Heather was using meth at the young age of twelve and getting in and out of a lot of trouble. She was with numerous people and had her first daughter at fourteen years old. Later she had two more daughters. Every daughter was from a different man that did
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Unformatted text preview: not involve themselves in their daughters lives. She was beaten and abused by two of the fathers. Heather never graduated from high school but finally got her GED at the age of thirty-one. She went through a police academy but shortly after became a heavy drinker. After this she went to work for Clinique and then became an esthetician. She is now going back to college to become a physicians assistant. Coming July 2010 she will be clean and sober for four years. No, my life was not as horrific as Heathers was, but it has not been a walk in the park. Although everyone is put through a life of sharp turns, I know that if she can achieve so much, I can obtain my degree without a hitch....
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