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Visualization is one of my motivation strategies; it is very simple really. My motivation comes from within my own self; I am the only one who can accomplish my goals. I convince myself that I can do it and I do it. I work at my maximum capabilities; so far it is paying off quite nicely. My second motivation strategy comes from my family. They are positive influences in my life. They encourage me support and nurture me, they defend all that I do that is positive in my life. I want my children to have happy healthy lives, by me returning to
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Unformatted text preview: college it will help me reach that goal. My children are a great motivation. Lastly, I get a huge motivation boost, when I know all my hard work is paying off. What I mean by that is, I work to my fullest potential and when my professors and/or instructors acknowledge that I am doing a great job, it motivates me and makes me want to work even harder. I do not allow myself to be burdened with problems, they are only challenges, challenges that I can and will over come....
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