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My motivation for returning to college is somewhat personal. I want to learn new skills, improve my confidence and self esteem and making my children happy, by moving towards my goals and accomplishing them. Although, for the most part my motivation for returning to college is that I would like to be able to help underprivileged people, I also want to help save and care for abused and abandoned animals. Eventually I want to run or own a NO KILL SHELTER. To have the opportunity to help and save helpless animals has been a life long dream; I will not allow my self to lose motivation for that
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Unformatted text preview: purpose alone. If at any time I start to feel unmotivated in my venture for returning to college; I will visualize my ending goal, not lose sight of that. I have a posted note next to my computer of my goals, so if and when I do get frustrated and start to lose sight, I look at my list of goals and it reminds me of how important it is to stay focused. Any challenges that come my way, I will overcome. In the end I will prevail as well as the abused and abandoned animals....
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