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The four steps in the textbook reading are as follows: 1. Previewing 2. Marking 3. Reading with concentration 4. Reviewing I apply all of these steps the same way that I do when I am reading the text on my computer screen. I first preview the chapter and note the main topics. Secondly, instead of marking or highlighting key components, I write down what I find to be important for discussion, and that may possibly be on the midterm or test. I then concentrate on reading the
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Unformatted text preview: entire chapter, making it a point to focus on the key points in the chapter. Finally, I review what I have read, checking to see whether or not I missed any vital information. I have to write them down and then I go over my notes to make sure that they are clear and understandable. When I do this it helps me for when I go back at a later time to study or to look at information I need to relearn or know better....
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